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Topcon TRC-NW8 Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera

The TRC-NW8 features several automated functions that allow anyone to quickly and easily capture high quality crisp, clear images. Simply align the patient and the instrument automatically focuses and automatically fires.

The TRC-NW8 gives the operator added flexibility in image capture. There are nine flash levels to choose from, and eight peripheral fixation points as well as a built-in standard central fixation point, which provide fixed, reproducible fields for use in various study protocols. These fixation points can be presented in a variety of patterns. A built-in optical green filter provides true optical red free photography which is extremely useful for glaucoma detection.

The TRC-NW8 can be combined with Topcon’s IMAGEnet Lite™ software for efficient data management. IMAGEnet Lite™ features a number of useful utilities including stereo viewing, image manipulation, measurement tools, and an AutoMosaic™ module that allows the operator to automatically merge several images to create a composite view of up to a 100 degree field.


The Topcon TRC-NW8 Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera:

  • Angle of Coverage: 45°
  • Working Distance: 40.7mm
  • Pupil Diameter for Photography: 4.0mm or more
  • 3.3mm or more when the small pupil diaphragm is used
  • Type of Photography: Color photography and red-free photography
  • Patient Diopter Correction Range: Without correction lens: -13D to +12D (where split lines are used)
  • With minus correction lens: -12D to -33D
  • With plus correction lens: +9D to +40D
  • Auxiliary Function for Photography: Auto focus function
  • (Used only in the split line working range. This can be turned ON/OFF.)
  • Internal Fixation Target: Center/Periphery
  • Right/left eye automatic detection
  • Optional position presetting function
  • Base Movement: Back-forth: 46mm, Right-left: 100mm, Up-down: 30mm
  • Chin Rest Movement: 67mm
  • Power Source: Frequency: 50/60Hz Voltage: AC 110,120,230,240V selectable
  • Weight: 24.5kg
  • Dimensions: 272(W) x 505(D) x 530(H)mm
  • Power Consumption: 400VA (Maximum), 100VA (Normal)


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