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Devine Ophthalmic has a long history in the eye care industry.  Tom has worked in both commercial chains and private optometric offices, learning all aspects of both the optical and business side of eye care.  His understanding of office dynamics began at his childhood dinner table listening to his father, Joseph Devine, OD, discuss his day.  Tom later spent 8 years managing Dr. Devine’s optical which included all aspects of eyeglass manufacturing, frame inventory purchasing, sales and prescription trouble shooting.  Tom also repaired and maintained all office equipment.  Having met the challenges of a small private office and wanting to broaden his horizons, he joined Florida Eye Equipment as their lead technician.  Tom is well versed in these types of equipment and has completed courses to learn more about this stuff.  Due to his deep roots in the ophthalmic equipment industry he has many resources to draw upon to better outfit offices and guide their purchasing options.  His father instilled in a strong work ethic and an appreciation for good value.  He carries this knowledge and approach to Devine Ophthalmic and guides his clients to purchases that are most appropriate to their office and patient needs.

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Thomas P. Devine


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